Lexico-semantic production and cognitive processing in Indian bilinguals


  • Ramandeep Kaur Father Muller College of Speech and Hearing




lexico-semantic production, bilingual children, Kannada-English, language acquisition, language processing


  Children who learn two languages differ in their language learning experience in comparison to the monolinguals. In order to investigate lexical semantic knowledge, picture naming method is primarily used. Kohnert, 2002 reported increasing name agreement for pictures as proficiency in each language increased. Age and language factors seem to have a positive effect on the naming task in both mixed and single language conditions, although the processing of single language is faster than mixed language (Kohnert, Bates, Hernandez, 1999; Naranowicz et al, 2022). In Indian context, Cherian (2008) investigated verb processing of Malayalam-English bilinguals, in high and low competition conditions. She implied a different verb processing in L1 and L2 languages which varies according to years of exposure with L2. The present study focuses on identifying the patterns of lexical development within heterogeneous groups of school going Kannada-English bilingual children using noun processing and thus determines the effect of dual-language control in these bilinguals. The results indicated improved accuracy improved with increased age and language experience for processing of nouns. In 5 to 7 age group, the performance in blocked condition is better than that in the mixed condition. Overall results signify superior Noun processing in low competition when compared to the high competition condition for Kannada-English bilingual children. Apart from this, the study also implies that age and language experiences play an important role in processing of nouns. Thereby, bilingual children respond better for L1 (Kannada) in younger age groups, though the language dominance becomes parallel for both the languages, with language experience and age. The noun processing in bilingual children is different in L1 and L2 languages and varies according to years of exposure with L2 language. This is an important aspect which needs to be considered while assessing the lexical processing of a bilingual child.



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Kaur, R. (2024). Lexico-semantic production and cognitive processing in Indian bilinguals. Journal of Child Language Acquisition and Development-JCLAD, 950–962. https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.11436359



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