Gaza EFL 11th graders' use of vocabulary learning strategies


  • Enas Hammad Al-Aqsa University


Learning strategies play a central role in developing English as a foreign language students' lexical abilities. The study aimed to explore Gaza 11th graders' use of English vocabulary learning strategies. Besides, the study examined Gaza 11th grade teachers' perceptions of the students' problems with using such strategies. The researcher conducted semi-structured interviews with 20 students and 16 teachers so as achieve the purposes of the study. Results indicated that the students tended to practice many learning strategies, such as repeating words several times, guessing the meanings of unknown words from context, and asking help from a teacher. Findings also revealed that the students neglected two types of learning strategies, including metacognitive strategies and affective strategies. Additionally, the study showed the students' problems with English vocabulary learning strategies as perceived by the teachers i.e., students' habits of learning words in isolation, students' low self-esteem, and other problems. Finally, the researcher provided the study recommendations.



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